A leading infections expert has called for CO2 levels to be monitored in all classrooms to ensure ventilation levels are appropriate to help prevent the spread of the covid 19 virus.

Doctor Julian Tang, who is honorary associate professor in the department of respiratory sciences at Leicester University and a hospital consultant, urged the use of ­monitors to measure levels found in indoor settings, such as schools, to warn teachers when ventilation was poor. He said: “CO2, which can be ­measured by a monitor, is an indicator of how poorly ventilated the air in a classroom is. If it goes up, then there is less ventilation and less fresh air. Any virus in the air will stay there longer at higher concentrations.”

Last week the WHO backed the use of CO2 monitors, saying: “Accurate control of critical indoor environmental parameters by a ­carbon dioxide monitor is a key parameter for the wellbeing and comfort of building occupants. In general, we can say carbon dioxide levels can be used as a rough indicator of the effectiveness of ventilation and as an indicator for excessive population density and overcrowding.”

You can read the full article from the Sunday Post here