Setting up your Learnometer

You will need to get the Learnometer app from the iOS app store to set up your Learnometer initially and connect it to wifi. When you have installed the app on your iOS device just follow the instructions to get your Learnometer up and running and connected to the Dashboard. You only need the app once to set up the device, after that you can access the Learnometer Dashboard for all your data.

How to set up your Learnometer with the app

Connect Learnometer to your Wi-Fi network


  • Plug your Learnometer unit into a power outlet. Make sure you see an LED light blinking in blue
  • Open the Learnometer app and sign in using your Learnometer Dashboard log in details (email and password).  If you have not already created a dashboard account you will need to take this step before you can continue.
  • Use the app to connect to the Learnometer unit.  Once the blinking LED turns to solid blue, the pairing is completed, and you can move on to the next step.
  • Now let’s connect the Learnometer to your Wi-Fi network. You will see the light purple LED indicator start to blink. Select the name of a Wi-Fi network that you want to connect to and enter the password.
  • When your unit is successfully connected to the Wi-Fi network, the LED light will turn solid purple. (For more help check out our FAQs).
  • You can now access the Learnometer Dashboard to read your data and start to improve your learning environment.

Watch the Learnometer Unboxing Video

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Register your Learnometer

Before you can set up your Learnometer you need to register your account. You may have already done this when you purchased your Learnometer but if not you can register here

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Do you need any more information to help you set up your Learnometer? Check out our frequently asked questions for more information about the set up process

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