Gratnells Learnometer and Kinteract have partnered to offer schools a unique educational platform that will enhance teaching and learning practices, leading to improved academic and holistic achievements for all learners.

Kinteract is a next generation education platform that supports learners of all ages to discover their passions, nurture their unique talents and achieve their dreams. Suitable for any situation where learning takes place, they serve all types of educational institutions and learning providers.

Kinteract collects data at the point of learning, as a natural part of the teaching and learning process, making smart recommendations to help learners maximise their achievements and holistic development. Real-time and personalised data dashboards are provided for all users, from students, teachers and parents, to administrators at all levels. Kinteract supports learning within and beyond the curriculum allowing teachers to do more of what they love -working with their students and seeing them succeed.

Gratnells Learnometer will constantly monitor the classroom conditions so teachers can create the optimal learning environment for their students. It measures levels of; CO2, light, temperature, humidity, noise, PM2.5 levels and chemicals (TVOCs).

“Our research, and others’, confirms that poor light levels, the wrong temperatures, inappropriate sound volumes and rhythms, humidity, air pollution, CO2, and air pressure can all impair learning. Our Learnometer research tool automatically samples your classroom environment, and makes suggestions through a unique algorithm as to what might be changed to allow students to learn and perform at their best.” Professor Stephen Heppell

By bringing together the Kinteract virtual environment and Gratnells Learnometer’s ability to monitor physical environments, we are looking forward to helping all learners to reach their full potential. 

While schools await delivery of their CO2 monitors, we know there are many other factors that need to be considered in creating an optimized learning environment. To learn more about how Kinteract and Gratnells Learnometer can help, contact us.

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