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The Gratnells Learnometer is designed in conjunction with Professor Stephen Heppell and his research team and is designed specifically for education. The Learnometer enables you to comprehensively monitor your learning environment and work out how to improve learning outcomes.  It tracks the seven key factors that determine air quality: temperature, humidity, light, sound levels, carbon dioxide (CO2), chemicals (VOCs), and dust (PM2.5). It has a touch sensitive and fully customizable display, with an 8-hour battery backup. It can be used to constantly monitor your air quality, and connects to your wireless network so it can be managed remotely.

In October 2020 the Learnometer won the prestigious Worlddidac education award, and in 2021 has been shortlisted for a BETT 2021 Digital Device Award.

Please read before you purchase

There are some things you need to be aware of when purchasing a Learnometer for the first time:

  • You will need wifi access to set up and run your Learnometer
  • You will need temporary access to an iOS device to use the Learnometer app to initially set up your device
  • Learnometer has an ongoing subscription for access to the Dashboard. The first year’s subscription is included in the price of your Learnometer and you will need to renew annually for continuing access to the dashboard and your historical data. Currently the annual subscription is GBP £60 per year.
  • Learnometer data may be shared with Professor Heppell’s research team for their ongoing research into Learning Environments. Your data will be anonymised and no personal or identifying data will be shared.


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30 day money back guarantee. Additional warranty.

The Gratnells Learnometer helps you to optimise your teaching environment so you can aim for the best conditions proven to affect student outcomes. Please be aware you will need access to wifi to enable you to set up and run your Learnometer - and you will need temporary access to an iOS device which can run the Learnometer app to get your device up and running.

There is an ongoing annual subscription for access to the Learnometer dashboard. The first twelve months subscription are included free with your Learnometer. After the first year you will need to renew your subscription for continued access to the Dashboard and your historical and current data.

Additional information

Weight 222 g
Dimensions 99 × 99 × 34 mm
CO2 levels

The Learnometer sensor can detect levels between 400-5,000ppm ±75ppm or 10%.

Chemicals (TVOCs) levels

The Learnometer will detect between 0 and 60,000ppb ±10%

Fine Dust (PM2.5) levels

The Learnometer can measure from 0 to 1,000μg/m³ ±15μg/m³ or 15%

Temperature levels

The Learnometer will measure temperatures between -40 and 125°C (-40 and 257°F) ±0.2°C.

Humidity levels

The Learnometer will measure levels between 0 and 100% ±2%

Ambient Light (Lux) levels

The Learnometer will measure light levels between 0 and 64,000lux in brightness.

Ambient Noise (dBA) levels

The Learnometer has an ambient noise sensor measuring between 40 abd 95dB, A-weighted, slow-response.


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Exposure to excessive indoor carbon dioxide will impair learning, engagement and performance. The damaging levels are surprisingly low.

Chemicals (TVOCs)

Beyond the impact on wellbeing, research confirms that airborne pollution significantly damages learners academic progress.

Fine Dust (PM2.5)

Micro-particulates can travel into children’s lungs, triggering health problems that also impact on attendance and performance.


There is an optimal temperature range for learning. Outside that range performance suffers immediately.


Similar concerns to temperature, but also bringing other health risks like toxic mould spores. Dehydration also damages cognitive performance.

Ambient Light (Lux)

Children learn less well when light levels are low, and behaviour also suffers. There is an equity issue too, when light levels are uneven across a room.

Ambient Noise (dBA)

Noisy rooms obstruct children’s ability to concentrate and perform, wherever they are.

Gratnells Learnometer will constantly monitor your classroom conditions so you can create the optimal learning environment


106 in stock